“The Walk”

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The Walk

The journey is long, the journey is rough, the journey is tough, but yes the journey is worth it at the end.

I wish I could tell you that the journey of accomplishing your life’s goals and dreams was easy, but it’s not.

And I truly hope I didn’t disappoint you or discouraged you. However, know this, and if you don’t know anything else, you need to know that there is no one sitting around with their doors wide open waiting on you to greet you and help you accomplish your goals. And there is no one waiting to say, “oh, come one in, I see what you’re trying to do, Oh, you’re trying to make things happen for you and your family?

I got you; let me carry you along this journey.”

There’s no such saving angels (there’s no one waiting to save you) so take action today, do your part and put your best foot forward one “life’s journey step” at a time and keep it moving.

Because the hardest part of the journey is to start and the easiest part is to quit.

So know yourself, so that when the going gets tough, the tough (you) keep going.


Understanding the Walk

You have to understand that whatever you are passionate about in life you have to be willing to make the necessary sacrifice to get it. You have to be willing to give up your time to get it and you have to be willing to give up your sleep to get it. However, you have to be determine; you have to be relentless and then,

and only then  you will understand that your journey has to be walk alone by you because no one is willing to put in the hard work that you are willing to put in.

But you must understand this, the journey you’re on or the journey that you’re about to embark upon,

there are many who’ve walked this journey and there are many who are walking that journey right now.

But you will have to find your own way despite of the many directions people point you in.

And understand that you cannot wait around for people’s approval about your dream because your interest might not be theirs,

or they might be just waiting to crush your dream because they don’t have one of their own.

Or better yet, they might have already took “easy street” and continue to dream for the rest of their lives without waking up,

making the sacrifice, and put in the hard work that are necessary to begin their walk.


Walking Your Own Path

The gift of the journey is to create and walk your own path and leave your own trail.

Don’t try to figure out what trail or path someone else took to on that journey to reach their destination

because you will waste an entirely lifetime trying to walk in other people’s footsteps and never walk in your own experience.

Though, we all might be on the same journey to accomplish our life’s dreams,

you have to walk your own walk because no one else can walk it for you, and another person cannot walk your walk.

LOL, I can just hear you telling yourself it’s hard, (same thing I told myself at first), it’s just too much, (haha),

I know! I’m, I’m on that same journey. So my friends, I share this with you today,

the journey starts with you in whatever it is you are trying to accomplish in this thing called life.

So don’t be discouraged, for the universe will bring you aid along your long and rugged journey,

but as long as you are willing to get back up and go on after life knocks you down over and over,

your journey will be victorious along with memories filled with peace and joy.

And that my friend is precious because no one can take that away from you,

your test has now become your testimony and no one will be able to tell your story the way you do.

Now go forth and Aspire to Inspire, Educate, Encourage, and leave your trail so that it may have a positive impact on society and someone else’s life…




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