Mindset Maintenance…

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Mindset Maintenance

Is it challenging for you to build up the courage and the confidence you need to step out of your comfort zone? Is the unknown or the lack of  courage stopping you from doing something different for the first time? Or do you get nervous whenever you have to do something in an unfamiliar territory with no idea what the end result looks like? And last but not least; do you have thoughts like “what if things don’t work out for me?” Well I have, and I know many of you can relate because we are all human. However, the fact of the matter is what we do about it whenever such situations occur. For example, have you ever had something that was important that you have been working on for a while but get nervous when it was time to bring your project to life? Nevertheless, have you ever needed to make a positive but drastic change in your life but remain stuck in your comfort zone?


Work On yourself!

So many of us think and plan on stepping out of our comfort zone and when the time comes we pretty much talk ourselves out of it. However, as human beings we naturally gravitate to safety and comfort zones because that’s what we are accustomed to. And wee have also learned to survive in such environments. Additionally, we have so many negative distractions around us on a daily basis along with life’s happenings. Therefore, we MUST find and surround ourselves with positive people and things that can help push us forward in certain situations! Nevertheless, we must be prepared so that when life happens (and it will) we can rely on positive distractions. Yes! the same ones we have been working on to aid us and help us weather the storms without giving up completely.


Mindset Development

In contrary we have no control over when life situations happen and cannot prepare for all that comes up against us. But we can control how we deal with them. Tough times will always occur but as Robert Schuller said; “tough times never last but tough people do.” So, how long will your tough times last? How will you weather your storm? Those are questions we all have to answer for ourselves because only you and I know the answers. However, if we are going to be efficient and be successful at anything we do; we cannot wait until we get that phone call or when life happens. We must have a sense of URGENCY RIGHT NOW! Practice and listen to the positive things more regular to gain and maintain a positive mindset that we need daily. On the other hand, we will store up all that positive information for what is yet to come. Therefore, it is imperative that we feed our mind with positive things on a daily basis in order to MAINTAIN A POSITIVE MINDSET.


Positive Distractions

We have to use POSITIVE DISTRACTIONS on a daily basis in order to MAINTAIN A POSITIVE MINDSET. The importance of positive distraction is to program our minds with positive things. And while doing this; we simultaneously flushes out all the negative things our brains unconsciously absorb. Have you ever built up the confidence to do something out of your comfort zone? And right before you get to it, you get nervous and start having a conversation with that little inner voice? The same inner voice that you go back and forth with in your head that’s telling you; you can’t, or you don’t have the skills; it won’t work; and you don’t have what it takes. Let me explain! I remember when I was doing music and I had to perform on a stage in front of a large crowd of people for the first time. I literally almost talked myself out of doing something that I loved and was so passionate about.

Building Confidence

After working on my songs and rehearsing for hours and building up the confidence to rock the MIC, I started having doubts the closer I would get to the time to perform. I didn’t have the courage and was so nervous I had to go to the rest room to get into my face and out of my head. However, I had to have a loud one on one conversation with myself; telling myself that I GOT WHAT IT TAKES; I DESERVE TO BE HERE; And I HAVE THE LYRICS TO ROCK THE MIC ON ANY STAGE ANYWHERE. And soon after as I was having that intelligent conversation with myself; the outer voices of all the people that was encouraging me and giving me little pep talks here and there started popping up in the back of my mind. Nevertheless, the positive outside voices empowered me and gave me the confidence I needed to get up on that stage. And I “ROCKED;” and I was ecstatic!


Positive Resources

Whenever moments as the aforementioned happens, that’s when all the information from all those positive distractions stored away in your unconscious mind comes in handy. Those are the moments when we need a little pep talk. Or encouragement from those outside voices that we have listened to through motivational speeches; positive songs; or from reading books with positive messages. However, there are countless amount of resources out there with positive messages. So get your information today and START WORKING ON YOU! Nevertheless, POSITIVE DISTRACTIONS HAVE BEEN HELPING ME TREMENDOUSLY OVER THE PAST TWO YEARS OF MY JOURNEY FIGHTING BACK AT PTSD.


My Story

Over my years of meeting people and especially over the last few years; I have met some wonderful people who I can BOLDLY SAY THAT ARE DEFINITELY GOD SENT. This wonderful group of people have helped me grow positively MENTALLY; EMOTIONALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY on my journey. And I can truly attest that “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER because of all the things I have learned over the past few years just surrounding myself with Positive People along with Positive Distractions. However, this wonderful group of people were once strangers to me until they became acquaintances, then friends in which transitioned to family and mentors. Nonetheless, while I was being treated for my PTSD through medical treatment and therapy I was also READING POSITIVE BOOKS, READING AND STUDYING THE WORD OF GOD, LISTENING TO POSITIVE MESSAGES, and having POSITIVE CONVERSATIONS with my new found family friends/mentors. But to be honest with you, the fight and the struggles are real and dealing with PTSD has not been easy for me but I can tell you that the fight is all worth it and let me tell you why.


Sink OR Swim?

I could not afford to sink, why? Because my life depends on it! I had been suffering from PTSD for so long that it became a normal life for me. However, I thought feeling the way I felt and not doing or enjoying the things I used to was normal and was all part of having PTSD. I had gotten used to “just existing” and thought there was no other way. But thank God I had the willingness to change and ask for help. I Had Greatness Within Me and Still Do (The Power Of The Holy Spirit) with a MUST win attitude. Therefore, I was willing to accept my spiritual assignment and the challenges to begin the fight to take back my life from PTSD! I also wanted to be an asset to my Wife and Children and to society instead of being a liability so I had to assess myself to see how I was affecting me and others around me. Additionally, the positive distractions along with my mindset maintenance has been helping me to SWIM on my wonderful new found journey of finding ways to LIVE! However, LIFE has given me another SET and I’m gonna ROCK IT; because my name is Donahue Davidson and I CHOOSE LIFE!


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