Fallen But Not Forgotten

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Let me take time out to salute those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to serve this great nation and has lost their lives. These Brave men and women fought and lost their lives so that the rest of the world can LIVE FREE. However, regardless of the reasons why they fight wars these Brave men and women stood up to the challenge. Additionally, many of them might even not have agreed with the decision to go to war but they accepted their duties. And unfortunately their lives were lost. Therefore, I stand with you today my friends and forget about what caused or could have caused the war and pay Homage. Let this be a day of honoring the REAL HEROES and saluting the families who have lost love ones to these wars and conflicts. Nevertheless, let this Memorial Day be recognized and celebrated in Honor of our Fallen Heroes.

Not Forgotten

To the families and friends that have suffered the loss of love ones while serving in the military I salute you. I wanted to take the time out on this special day to recognize the hard work ,dedication and the sacrifices made by these Brave men and women. In addition, I want to personally pay my respect to let family members know that you are NOT FORGOTTEN. However, the freedom we enjoy is not free and unfortunately comes at a high price. And that price comes with the cost of the lives of our Brave men and women. Nevertheless, thank you for your voluntary service and for giving your life so that others may have FREEDOM and LIVE in PEACE.

Special Recognition to the Brave

A special recognition to some of the Bravest men I had the opportunity to call my comrades and brothers in arms. These Brave men fought fearlessly and ultimately lost their lives fighting against terrorism. Additionally, these men were among the many that fought terrorism on its own soil. However, they fought against terrorism so that we would not have to fight them in our own backyard. Therefore, my respect and special recognition goes to Private First Class Strange, Private First Class Drexler, Specialist Caradine, Specialist Adams, and Specialist Bunch. Nonetheless, I am sure there are many others who fought gallantly but the aforementioned were men I personally knew and fought with from (91st Engineers Battalion 1st Cavalry Division). Nevertheless, I will use this day and all the rest of the days to continue to pay Homage  to the Brave men and woman who fought and lost their lives. To our HEROES I salute you.


Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an American holiday that is observed on the last Monday of May. This special day is in recognition to honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. However, Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day before it was later changed. Additionally, history show that this day was originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Nevertheless, thank you all for your bravery as your sacrifice will never be forgotten. HONOR DUTY RESPECT…


Psalms 91: “The Soldiers/Warriors Psalms”

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    Wonderful article! Its always important to remember the reason for this holiday is much bigger than back yard BBQ’s and 3 day weekends. Thank you!

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      Absolutely. Thanks

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