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Everyone’s recovery process is different.

Depending where you are in your own rehabilitative and transitional process, we hope you find a program that fits you and/or your family’s needs.

As we continue to discover the ever-evolving needs of you and your fellow Wounded Warriors, WWP veteran programs are also ever-evolving,

so check back often to see what’s new at Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP).

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Whether you are newly injured or have been on the path to recovery for a while,

WWP is here to support you as you define your new normal. Please explore our programs for veterans below.




We envision a generation of Wounded Warriors well-adjusted in mind, receiving support to overcome the challenges of readjustment.

Through interactive programs, outdoor rehabilitative retreats, and professional services, warriors are given the tools to maintain healthy,

meaningful relationships with family and friends, and pursue life goals without the barriers or stigmas associated with mental health issues.




We envision a generation of Wounded Warriors well-adjusted in body, receiving the care they need to maximize rehabilitation and live active and healthy lives.

Through adaptive sports, health, nutrition, and recreational activities, WWP helps warriors achieve independence and pursue an excellent quality of life.




We envision a generation of Wounded Warriors who are economically empowered.

They are not unemployed or underemployed, and have opportunities to pursue a meaningful career or own their own business.

WWP offers employment services to encourage economic empowerment for warriors to provide long-term financial stability for themselves and their families.

WWP also offers a Benefits Service program that provides you with access to government benefits and details on all of our programs and community resources.




WWP connection events ­– such as hunting trips, sporting events, and educational summits – support the long-term

recovery of warriors by connecting them with fellow service members and their community.

These connection events provide a safe, enjoyable forum for warriors to develop interpersonal bonds with peers and learn more about other WWP services.

WWP raises essential public awareness for these programs and services through many efforts, including the use of

donated programmatic media and educational messaging that it incorporates into its fundraising solicitations.


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