Choose Life

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Choose Life!


Choose to live your life rather than merely existing. So many of us were taught how to go to college, get an education, and find yourself a good job or the job of your dreams. But the one most important thing they never taught us, not even in college, is how to become entrepreneurs (unless you took that class specifically). However,  we must seek, learn, and grow because being a human being is a GROWTH PROCESS. And, remember that we can never be too old to learn or be too young to teach. Therefore, we must seek knowledge, grow, and live! For if we lack knowledge and we don’t grow, then we don’t even have a life.


I refuse to be a walking dead. And as one of my favorite scriptures says (“MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE”) (Hosea 4:6). However, the fact is you have to find your passion! Find out what it is that you love to do, put a plan in place and take the necessary steps to make your passion come to LIFE! Yes I know; life is hard living but what if you try? Take it from Nietzsche as he said it best, (“IF YOU KNOW THE WHY FOR LIVING, YOU CAN ENDURE ALMOST ANY HOW.”) I have a choice and so do you, so choose to make a contribution to yourself by improving yourself. Nevertheless, the only way to improve yourself is to better yourself, so give yourself a chance at LIFE TODAY.


Live Today!


Decide to live today because life is about today. Don’t ever think because of your current circumstances you are exempt from other issues of life. Because, life will knock on anybody and everybody’s door anytime, no exceptions, no matter who you are. Also, don’t feel bad because people are talking about you, let them talk! Don’t worry if someone dislikes you, let ‘em keep on hating! The thing is, that’s just the way life is set up so just handle it, keep MOVING and LIVE! Just remember that YOU HAVE GREATNESS WITHIN YOU. And don’t waste your time comparing your life conditions or situations to other people, WHY? Because, people who suffers from a lack of motivation suffers from a lack of self-appreciation.


You have to know that you are valued in spite of what you have or where you are in life. No matter what your circumstances are, that does not make you less than a human being who can always contribute something to life. However, you have to have will power, you have to be positive, you have to be motivated, and you have to discipline yourself. You can’t live a life feeling sorry for yourself because no one feels sorry for you! So step into the unknown territories of your untapped talents! WOW yourself as you discover great things about yourself that you never knew existed. Things you never knew you had deep within you, just sitting there waiting for you to activate them!+35241




The clock is ticking so stop saying no to yourself! Stop saying no to things that you fear or are unsure about. And stop saying yes to easy street and comfort zone. However, don’t let your life pass you by without at least trying something different that could possibly change your life significantly! Nonetheless, sometimes we are so quick to say no to ourselves whenever someone tries to introduce something new. The first thing we do is tell ourselves “oh, that’s not for me, I’ve never gone into business before, I’ve never been a sales person”, and the list goes on. We are so use to our comfort zone that we say no before we even know the details. We say no to ourselves and don’t even know why we’re saying no in the first place! Nevertheless, a man once said ” you have to give up who you are in order to give birth to who you can become.”


You must take action today because time waits on no man or woman. And once the time passes we cannot take back those moments, we cannot unscramble those eggs ladies and gentleman! So decide to step up and step out of your comfort zone today and choose life! However, life is tough but we already know and understand that! Therefore, having knowledge of the known should be a plus on our side, right? Or so I think… Either way, let us make room in our lives to discover the unknown for ourselves today! Nevertheless, decide to try today and fail your way to success rather than not trying at all! SO CHOOSE LIFE AND LIVE TODAY BECAUSE THE CLOCK IS TICKING! Why? BECAUSE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!




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    Great article! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

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