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The Choice Is Yours

In life we all face issues that sometimes disrupts our plans in which affects our everyday lives. We all have found ourselves in situations where we are left to deal with our circumstances regardless of the cards we’ve been dealt. We also know that choosing not to deal with it won’t solve the issue either. However, despite the magnitude of those issues or how minute a problem seems to be, the question is how we deal with it? The choices we make defines our current lives and our future. Additionally, what we choose to do with our time determines our success in life and not our circumstances. So, choose to make wise choices, build positively on your decision, and let us use our time wisely.


Choose Wisely!

There are so many of us who have made mistakes as a youngster but were overlooked at times because of immaturity. But when are we going to GROW UP?! We cannot expect to continue doing the same silly things as we did as teenagers. Therefore, we must walk and grow into the men and women that God created us to be. However, the choice is yours but don’t sit on the sidelines blaming everybody else for your failure. Additionally, you can learn from other people’s mistakes so that you don’t make the same ones. Also, if you think things in your life should be better, then give up negative environments and negative habits and start work on making it better. Nevertheless, you must make a choice to leave negative and old things behind in order to embrace the new.


Choose to be Different

Do not worry about blending in. “Blending in is for people who wants to look like the rest of the crowd. So be the anomaly and shine bright like the star you are.” However, even though you are in the crowd you have a choice not to be a part of it. Additionally, there comes a time when we must choose to leave our negative environment and elevate ourselves. And yes, some friends and family alike will talk negative about you and look at you sideways saying all manner of evil. All of this can and will happen the moment you decide to turn your life around and elevate yourself from the mass. But understand this, if these people love you they will be your biggest support. However, your biggest support will come from you and if you are true to yourself, no matter what anyone say or do you will continue to move forward. Therefore, you must choose to change your mind and change your current environment to make positive changes in your life. Nevertheless, the decision to choose one thing over another is called an opportunity cost but know that the choice you make today will become a part of your life tomorrow.


The Rules of Choice?

The rules of choices does not change and does not vary based on who you are. Bottom line is, if you are faced with a decision, you have the choice to make the decision or not. But it’s the bad choices we make that gets us into trouble all the time. However, if you go to bed late and wake up late you won’t be as progressive as others. But on the other hand, you’re the one who chose to sleep in. Additionally, if you complain about your life on a daily basis but wake up every day doing nothing different, then you chose to stay in your environment. Nevertheless, you have to make a choice today to get your mind right, your psyche, your thought process, and have some guts to discipline yourself.


Choose to be Discipline!

To be disciplined is a way of behaving that shows a willingness to obey rules or orders. How often do you hear someone say I can’t do it because I’m not discipline enough? Or how often do you make the same excuse telling yourself the same thing? Understand this, many people think being disciplined or training themselves to be disciplined is a form of weakness. But for me, being disciplined is success, winning, and power. Just think about it for a second! What if you wanted to accomplish something and you stick with it for the duration until the end following all the rules given? For example, if I give you a dollar and tell you to spend 50 cents on a piece of candy bar rather than spending the whole dollar all at once, then you would only spend 50 cents. However, even though you might be tempted to deviate from what I told you to do in spite of all the distractions of all the candy bars you would only spend the 50 cents as you were instructed.



Accomplishing certain goals in our own lives may not be as easy as the aforementioned example but the concept and principles remains the same. We often associate discipline with weakness as we don’t want others to think we are different or see us as a sellout. But understand that making positive changes in our lives takes a great deal of sacrifice and discipline. Therefore, all of the old habits have to be left behind otherwise you won’t win. However, once you break free from that mental slavery of doing the same ole nonsense you normally do, some people won’t understand. But that’s ok because you were born to be different and you were born to WIN. Additionally, you were quicker and wiser than others to recognize that you need positive changes in your life and the time is NOW. Nevertheless, when it comes to being discipline, you can’t lie or cut corners because results always speaks volume. So choose to be inspired and work on you to be the greatest you can be while encouraging others to do the same.



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