A Fresh Start

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A Fresh Start


Many of us oppose change because of the unknown or the uncertainty but positive change is always good. The thing is, so many of us get so comfortable doing things a certain way or living our lives a certain way. Yes, I said it… most of us are real comfortable living uncomfortable lives. However, we know that we need to make a positive change but refuse to do so. We often get frustrated at times and blame everything and everyone under the sun but will not blame ourselves. So we play the “shoulda woulda coulda” and the “but” game in order to justify our own inactions. But it is never too late for a fresh start; it is never too late to take a stand for positive change. Therefore, let’s have some integrity and have some intestinal fortitude (GUTTS) and take responsibility for our own lives.


On another note, many of us knows that in order to make changes and live a better life we have to give up a lot of old things. But we don’t want to, we don’t want to make the sacrifice needed, we don’t want to give up the things that do not add value to our lives. That’s CRAZY right? However, as you think about what you need to do, just remember that a fresh start gives you the opportunity not only to start over but to start over the right way with a fresh set of ideas from a different perspective. And that is why my friends I HAD TO TAKE A STAND AND PUT FORTH THE EFFORT TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST PTSD.


Change Gon’ Come…


The only thing that is permanent in this physical life is CHANGE. But take action now and make the necessary changes that need to be made and don’t wait until you’re beaten down and forced into a corner before you make a positive change. However, “change gon’ come” whether you like it or not. “Change gon’ come” whether you are prepared or not, so don’t wait until the last minute to make things happen.


A funny but true statement and I know you can relate because I am sure you know someone who has done this. Or, maybe you have done it yourself. However, how many times have you heard someone complain about their uncomfortable life? And also state that they need to make a change because things aren’t working out for them. Then, they even do the drastic change by packing up and move to a different State. But the thing is, they went to a whole new location with the same old attitude and mindset. They also continue to do the same things, and live the same ol’ life style that they had before. And then, have the nerve to call you and still complaining about their lives and how things aren’t going well. Sounds familiar right? Listen to me, a change in scenery does not validate a change in oneself or personality. Nonetheless, make no mistake about it, there is no change without sacrifice and there’s no success without struggles. So decide today to make a fresh start because a fresh start brings about change, and change brings new opportunities.


Be The Change!


Nothing happens overnight as life has its challenges. But you will overcome if you are willing to fight through the tough times. However, we have to make the change and be the change in our own lives and then the world around us will begin to change. I have come to learn that if we don’t learn to dance with life, life will pass us by and choose another partner. So, don’t be afraid to step out on FAITH and make a change, a positive change. I remember when I used to avoid change even when I knew I had to do something about my problems. I had fell victim to my own circumstances hoping that my PTSD would go away but it didn’t. But in order for me to manage my PTSD I had to confront that which I have been avoiding and come to terms with it. I had to make up my mind and say good bye to the solitary confinement that PTSD had me in. I had to finally say good bye to the punishment. Nevertheless, life does not give you what you want, you have to go out there and take it! Because the very moment we stop fighting for what we want, what we don’t want automatically takes over.





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